Protect your home and business from break-ins and fires with alarm and smoke detection systems. This includes a 24-hour central station with monitoring police for fires and medical assistance.

  • Insurance discounts certificates available
  • Low cost installation
  • Free Estimate
  • Mobile app to monitor your home on the go
  • Extended service program
  • Home-line is not required

Extended Service Program

1st Choice Protection Systems is proud to offer our 5-Year Service Warranty Program for a low monthly rate. It is designed to give long life to your security system and protect you against unexpected repair bills.

All parts and labor (except repair or replacement of batteries) are covered when your security system needs service. Standard service call applies. The warranty only covers parts and labor due to ordinary wear and tear under normal operating conditions. Service will be performed during our normal business hours. Emergency service provided at other times is available for a one-time trip fee. Our after-hours emergency number is 479-502-7777

Insurance Discount Certificate

Lower your homeowner’s insurance 10-30%, as determined by your insurance carrier!

Our Insurance Certificate is another benefit of having 1st Choice Protection Systems on your side.

Ensure your home and business are protected at all times by installing an automation system. Remotely access your security cameras, thermostats, lights and door locks from any location. Learn more

Stay Connected To Your Home



Take your technology to another level with a home theater. We can help you with every aspect of the process including product purchasing and installation. Learn More


Home Theater Installation

Add value to your home with a central vacuum system. A central vacuum takes the dirt completely out of your house and then filters the exhaust, cleaning the air and helping with allergy relief. These systems are convenient, easy-to-use and can be installed in new construction or existing homes. Built-in vacuums are the best vacuum solutions for any type of home. They provide a quiet cleaning atmosphere and 3x more suction than standard vacuums.

Most outlets are placed throughout the house and most hoses are 30-feet long, giving you the ability to vacuum multiple rooms from one outlet.

Central Vacuum System CanVac

1st Choice Protection Systems partners with custom home builders in Northwest Arkansas to bring homeowners the latest high-end entertainment, home automation and networking. Homeowners are looking for convenience and high quality when it comes to home theater, multi-room audio and integrated systems. 1st Choice Protection Systems provides these services to the builders to get the homeowner fully equipped in their custom-built home. Leave complicated wiring, installation, cabling and programming to the expert team of certified installers at 1st Choice Protection Systems.

Have peace of mind with 1st Choice Protection Systems.

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